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5 things I've learned in a month since I started a blog

I started my blog about a month ago and I am proud that it is at least up & going. Except for the few days I had it down because I realized it was really bad. I will give you my little bit of imperfect wisdom about what I have learned so far.

1. If you are like me, you have read/researched about blogging before you actually decide to go for it. Now there are some successful bloggers who keep it more real than others about blogging. But the ones who say, here are your step-by-step instructions to starting a blog, and it includes that it takes only 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, um, NO. I probably was in the 'I want to start a blog, what should it be about, will anyone actually care or read it, do I have it in me, do I have the ability to actually do it' stage for probably 6 months. And even once you get your host chosen, do whatever social media you are going to do, get your blog designing completed, you still have to keep up with pinning new pins, & writing blog posts.

2. Now I did have a little extra push to actually go for it because my husband started an art website for me & told me how easy it was. He choose Wix after researching for the best website/blog platform. But for me, it wasn't as 'easy' as he said. But a) he is a lot more techy then me & does marketing for a living so he knows a lot about this stuff & b) Wix has 2 parts, the ADI section, which is pretty simple, (but limited) and the Wix editor section, which is more for web designers. (I'm pretty sure) I don't know how but I got out of ADI & into WIX Editor & I didn't even know there were 2 different ways to edit. We finally figured that out & my husband told me to stay in ADI. However I didn't. But that is ok. Even though I ended up changing my entire blog/website, I did actually design my entire website through Wix Editor. I just had to say that, because that right there is IMPRESSIVE. Ok, moving on. When I say I know very little about graphic design, building blogs or websites much less coding and trying to figure out SEO & Pinterest, Holy Cow, it has been a tough journey, but I am just being honest. I don't know much about all this I wanted to start pinning my own pins, but even when I would put 'very basics on how to pin your own pin' into google, it still wasn't basic enough for me. I'm not sure starting a blog was the best decision I've ever made; I bet for some super smart/tech-y/computer-y/graphic designer/photographer type person this whole process would be a piece of cake. But for me, it has been a long, hard process. But guess what! I found Canva & I design (ok they pretty much suck but I continue to try) my designs from photos and pin to pinterest. And actually figured out how to get it linked to go directly to my correlating blog post. That's big!

3. Social media; for me it is mainly Pinterest. I don't remember how many monthly followers I had when I started paying attention to it, but I think it was just over 1,000. As of today I have 24,000. Again, I've read a lot about Pinterest, how to get traffic from Pinterest to your blog, how to increase traffic to Pinterest etc. And I have tried a lot of things; I try to pin every day, a few times a day, I have my imperfect wisdom board as my first board, I watch my analytics and see what is really trending/getting a lot of views, then re pin what is getting a lot of attention. I don't do Tailwind, I have enough time to do it myself. And going into this blog thing I thought I could do it for free (wrong) and Tailwind would just be one more thing to pay for. I started on Instagram a few days ago but have honestly done nothing with it. I'm not into fb at all; I know I should try to push imperfect wisdom out there on fb. Maybe one day I'll try that. But Pinterest is growing; my followers & monthly viewers & engaged so for now I am mainly focusing on that.

4. I have yet to get into ads & affiliate marketing but I do want to someday. I wanted to blog for me, I haven't had a job in over 15 years & honestly going back to a conventional type job would be really hard. Making money would be nice though + having something for me, since my kids are older now. It is hard sometimes, honestly, when I spend hours at my laptop every day while all the other things I need to do don't get done, and I'm not exactly having 'fun' & I'm not making any money. But hopefully one day.

5. My overall take on it so far? I have good days & bad days. I feel like I know a heck of a lot more than I did a month ago. I'm proud of myself for actually doing it. I do feel good when I see people have read a blog post. So I am definitely sticking with it.

My imperfect wisdom on it? Go for it. If I can do it, just about anyone can.

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