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BBQ Grilling; the 'Palau'

Updated: Jun 27, 2019


For a Palau, for me, it is a BBQ.  On Survivor, (big fan) they had a reward where they got to have a big BBQ cookout.  I think a BBQ can be whatever you want, burgers & hotdogs, chicken, fish whatever!  For this 'Palau' it was a mix of meats, chicken, pork & veggies,

+ pineapple, that is IF my memory is correct, & It doesn't really matter, for us, a Palau is a big cookout. a big grilled meal.  Generally, I do chicken, pork (country ribs) and sometimes a type of steak, and lots of veggies; bell peppers, onion (the best part), zucchini, squash, tomato - just whatever you have. I rarely do pineapple which I think is what makes the Palau the Palau.  But still, it's fun to call it a Palau.  So go for whatever you want, what you like & what you have.  

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