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It's all about the sauce

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Think about your favorite dish, is it pasta? SAUCE. Is it a hamburger? SAUCE. Is it a taco? SAUCE. Is it eggs benedict? SAUCE. Is it poached chilean sea bass? SAUCE.

Ok, you get it.

I think I am pretty good at sauces. Again, like a lot of what I know about cooking, I owe a lot to my Mom. She could make amazing sauces & gravy, and taught me a lot.

And I am adventurous with sauces, gravy, salsa & such. There is just so much you can do to add to a dish; a spicy chimichurri on a barbacoa taco, 'Amy's Angry Sauce' on just about anything, even just a basic sriracha mayo makes an ordinary pulled pork sandwich special.

Who doesn't love guacamole? Ok I guess it's more of a dip than a sauce. Dips could be another blog post.

Some of the recipes mentioned on this blog are on this site on the home page under sauces/gravy/salsa, check them out. Or create your own! I love mixing up new creations; adding chipotle peppers &/or adobe sauce to mayo, putting fresh cilantro in with just about anything, roasted jalapeno peppers or tomatillos with some tomato & avocado for a salsa. I also love putting a little fruit in a salsa, just to give it a different taste & texture. There are so many choices & flavors to choose from to make any ordinary dish something special.

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