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DIY Nespresso Vertuo pods

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

I have a Nespresso Vertuo and I love it. It makes such a nice, frothy cup of coffee, and although if you had a house full of guests I can imagine it might not be the best, I'm the only coffee drinker in my house & I only have 1 cup a day, so it works perfectly for me.

However, it is $$$ ! The nespresso pods I get are $33 for a box of 30 pods from Amazon. So basically $1 a cup of coffee. Kind of expensive. I keep waiting, thinking someone will come out with a knock off pod, but so far, I haven't seen any. So I went to youtube to see how to make your own Nespresso pods, because you know what those tricky Nespresso people did, they put a barcode under the rim of the pod. I am assuming that is making it hard to make a pods, but also to try a re-use method without covering the barcode. But, I read a few different options for how to DIY it. I went for a method that involves cutting away the foil on the top of a used pod, scooping out all the coffee grounds, rinse it out, then fill it with whatever coffee you want, & it did say to use finely ground/espresso type coffee, then you really pack it down & get the pod full, get saran cling wrap and cut a little square, about 2" x 2", put over the coffee pod and 'seal' it, then you cut off the extra saran. Ok, this is kind of a long process. The guy's youtube video I watched seemed like a real zen kinda guy, I think he enjoyed this process. And he had a shot glass that fit the pod perfectly, so it was an easy little workstation for him. I found a little glass that worked too, but not exactly perfectly. And when I am ready for my morning cup of coffee, I am ready for it. Not after 10 minutes of preparing a pod. If you were going this route, I think it best to do a lot of them at one time so you have them ready.

The first day I didn't have saran cling wrap, so I just tried foil. Well that did NOT work. Even though I tried to not have any of the foil over the bar code, I guess it was, and so it didn't work very well. I bought the proper saran wrap & tried again. It did work, but I like a strong cup of coffee, and I guess I didn't pack it enough because it wasn't that strong, and wasn't as frothy. And I like my froth.

I decided if you buy an expensive coffee maker, you drink expensive coffee. Until of course someone makes a knockoff pod someday.

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