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5 more thoughts about blogging

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

May 7th was my first blog post.

I recently read you should start your blog with 30-50 posts, whoops! This post will make #24. That's pretty good I think! And who knows what the right answer is really.

For other bloggers that may read this, here is what I know so far:

Pinterest-ok I really don't know. I see all the time how great it is, how much it helps a blog etc, but then I also read numbers don't matter. I was quite excited because I had gotten to 24.8k monthly viewers, that seemed like a lot to me. But why do I spend time pinning everyday to keep my numbers up? Well, I have really backed off because it does take a lot of time to pin good pins, several times throughout the day, like you are supposed to. And if numbers don't matter, why waste my time? I love Pinterest, I have been on it for years, but just for all the stuff you use Pinterest for; recipes, travel, parties etc. But the relationship between Pinterest & my blog doesn't seem to be a very good one. I just don't see I get traffic from Pinterest to my blog.

Google Analytics- I have read to not check this too often, to only check like once a month. Come on, I look like 8 times a day. Most of the time it says there are 0 active users, but when there is 1, 2 or 3 I get pretty excited! If you have a successful blog that is trucking along with like a million viewers, ok, I get that you don't need to look that often. But for me, I like to look. I feel like it keeps me inspired to keep going.

Canva-love it. I'm still not great at graphic design, but I do know how to navigate around Canva pretty well. I think some of my pins kind of stink, but some look pretty good!

Instagram & Facebook- I put new posts on both of these. I literally just thought of the fact that on Canva, they have templates for fb & Insta, I have always just used my pinterest template for all 3. I'll have to check into doing different ones for each. One more thing to do...

Money- still zip. But I'm just not ready yet. I don't have near enough traffic. It does concern me a bit about making money; you have affiliate marketing, ads & then selling things. I could promote my art & sell that, but I cannot imagine I will become a blogger who sells a course or ebook on how to start a blog. I am barely getting by. I can't teach someone else how to do this! The blog is for me to share ideas, tips, recipes etc. But would it be nice to get paid for this job? Yes.

I think that about covers it for now!

For any new bloggers out there, keep going! It gets better! I learn more every day which makes me proud of myself & since I now know how to do some of the pretty basic things (things which used to take me ALL DAY) I can now spend just a few hours a day working. And it is summer now, so I have to spread my time between working & my kids.

I think the biggest things I can say is it is hard & time consuming to be a blogger. When we lived in Texas I was involved a lot with PTA, being HR parent & did quite a bit in my kids schools. Sometimes I felt like it was a job that I didn't get paid for. This is similar. But like with volunteering at school, it does make me feel good. Don't get fooled by so many bloggers out there with the 'it only takes 10 minutes!' and 'you can make $20k a month blogging'. It is hard, technical & challenging but for now, I think it is also enjoyable & rewarding.

Have a great week-end.

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