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COSTCO, where have you been all my life?

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Are the big warehouse stores the way to save? I've never belonged to any of them; Costco, BJ's, Sam's etc. But partially because so many people talk about it all the time & because things are just so much more expensive here, I am really thinking I need to join Costco.

I've heard in the past some people say it is good, but there is the fact that you go in for some groceries & paper towels, & you come out with a television, new sheets & a lawnmower. That isn't cost effective.

But after talking with some trusted friends, I think I will go for it. It seems like they have really good products; produce, meats etc. and even if some of the things come in bulk & we have 3 extra bottles of ketchup in the pantry, that's ok if in the end I save money! I love saving money. And living in South Florida that is hard; things are just more expensive across the board. When I go home to Texas and get to go to my beloved HEB, I am always shocked at how inexpensive things are there. Aw, Texas, I miss it... Ok, enough about that.

Anyway, Costco, here I come. I am excited to start saving money on groceries, staple items + gas. One down side is the fact my pantry is a third of the size as mine was in Texas, so where will I put all this stuff?! I'll figure that part out.

I will post again after I've done my first Costco shop, and let's hope it doesn't include a new set of outdoor furniture & a Macbook.


I went and what the heck, why did I just now join?

My fear almost came true though, I went in strictly to look around, buy some grapes

(so good) and leave. I almost bought a $1,200 percola. I think it will save my family money in the long run, even if sometimes I come home with a new television.

I did warn my husband we may need to purchase another refrigerator, (at Costco so it will be super cheap) possibly a bigger house, but probably will need some minor construction to make my pantry bigger.

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