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Sous Vide, yes please

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

My husband bought me a Sous Vide Supreme about 6 years ago. Life changer. It isn't something I use every day, but the things I Sous VIde are very different, so much better, more flavorful, more tender & even healthier & more nutritious.

It is cooking in a water bath; a cooking technique that utilizes precise temperature control to deliver consistent results. You can't decide at 5:00pm to sous vide a brisket to have for dinner that night; it needs to be in the water bath for somewhere around 18 hours. But if you are cooking hamburgers or steaks, they can be in for as little as an hour, then you throw them on the grill to finish them off.

I have tried a lot of things in my Sous VIde; when I first got it I was very enthusiastic about trying all kinds of things. Even 'scrambled eggs'. Didn't like them so much. Veggies are good but honestly I usually don't bother. I am mainly a meat/pork/chicken & sometimes fish sous vider. (I just made that up, not an actual word) The thing about the Sous VIde, I can't imagine going back to life pre SV. Steak & pork is so tender, hamburgers are just all together different & so good, brisket falls apart, ribs are indescribable.

You also need to get a vacuum sealer, I have the Sous VIde Supreme Vacuum Sealer & I've been very happy with it. You can buy rolls of the plastic for the bags to vacuum then cook in; better & less expensive than buying the bags. This way you can cut the bag however big you need it.

One great thing about Sous Vide is lets say you are cooking a brisket and you decide on cooking it for 24 hours. When the time is finally up, you aren't at home. It doesn't matter! It can just stay in there. So there is flexibility in that regard. You just can't speed up the process, so it takes planning.

Another great thing about it is once you have cooked your brisket, if your dinner guests cancel on you & you decide you want to save the brisket, pop it in the freezer. Once you have cooked something in the sous vide, you can freeze it until you are ready to eat it. Take it out, let it thaw then finish it in the oven, the grill, whatever.

They are spendy; I think the Sous VIde Supreme is about $415 and the Sealer is about $125.

I will tell you; there are other brands and methods. There is a wand you can buy that is cheaper and you put it in a large pot of water, the wand heats the water to the temperature you set it to, so it essentially does the same thing. I've never tried this type.

However one time on vacation, I did try a method I read about to 'make a diy sous vide' and it did not work. I was cooking a roast, so I just heated the water to the temp I wanted, which was around 134. Keeping it at a constant temperature was a challenge and I also didn't have a vacuum sealer so I tried a heavy duty ziploc bag, and it was terrible. Water got in the bag so it was disgusting; it was somehow really dry and tasted like a lightly boiled flavorless piece of blob; not a juicy & delicious roast I was wanting. I don't know. It was bad. I threw it away. So, while on vacation, unless you happen to stay in a home that has a Sous Vide, just appreciate your Sous Vide even more when you get home.

Mother's Day is coming up! Buy one for your Mom, your wife, your sister, your friend. They will love you for it!



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