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Maine vacation

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

We are going to Maine this summer and I finally have it all booked. We are really excited; living in Florida has perks. The beach is only 20 minutes away, I have palm trees in my yard, it is tropical & humid pretty much all the time. But we used to travel most of the time to beachy destinations. But when that is where you live, you want something different. Last summer we went to Colorado which was awesome.

So we are all looking forward to Maine. The kids & I haven't been, so it is new territory. I think we are going to eat a LOT of lobsters, which makes me very happy, I think there will be lots of very quaint, charming seaside towns and fishing villages, lots of exploring, lighthouses, and just good family time. We are spending the first night in Portland, on an island just about a 20 minute ferry ride away. Then we are off to Mount Desert Island, which is where Acadia National Park is, and we will spend most of our time there. It is also very close to Bar Harbor. Then we head back towards Portland, a little North, near Sebago Lake. The trip isn't until July but I am already excited and looking forward to some great hiking, exploring, eating lobster for every meal and some relaxing time with the fam.

I will post pictures after the trip.



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