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Father & daughter quality time

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

My daughter is a freshman this year and it has been great. She was accepted into a magnet high school and we knew it would be challenging, but she loves school and wanted to really go for it, and I think the school we choose was a great decision.

However, it is nearing the end of the school year, and I am sure most kids (and parents) are kind of getting to that 'how many days are left until summer??' frame of mind.

We live in Parkland, Florida, so with everything that has happened here, I feel like there is always a 'heaviness'. I think everyone deals with what happened in their own way, but it's always there. We live here, where it happened. There are signs of it everywhere. You never forget. So I worry about my daughter and the effects on her. Kids today have so much to think about that I wish they didn't have to think about. But that is reality.

With all this stress, plus the end of school which means lots of tests (more stress), and just the daily grind of homework, not sleeping enough etc. It can get to you.

I have to take my daughter to the bus stop at 5:55am. It's an early day; she gets up about 5:00am. If she rides the bus home, she gets here about 5pm. It's a long day! But last week my husband decided to take my daughter to school, which is a win-win. They leave later, about 6:30, so my daughter gets to sleep in until 6am. It takes about 25 minutes to get to her school, so they have a nice time together every morning.

The outcome of this one simple change has been great! My husband is really enjoying having that time with our daughter every morning, my daughter also likes to spend that one on one time with her Dad, sleeping more, not riding the bus, and for me, I am loving not getting up at 5:30am!

So the point is, we all have so much going on. There are always going things that cause stress, but sometimes just one simple thing can make a difference.

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