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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Ok so listen, imperfect wisdom here. I'm just being honest. BLOGGING IS SO HARD AND I'M WONDERING WHY. WHY!!!???

Ok. I'm not good at tech stuff so this is a hard and challenging undertaking. There is a button for 'move to trash' and I felt a big urge to push that button.

But I didn't.

But here is the deal, I have read & read and everyone says blogging is so easy, it takes 10 minutes, you make $10k a month. Well I am 100% sure there are lots of successful bloggers out there making $$. And it isn't only about money. I thought this would be fun. Well not so much. But it takes a ton of time, research, lots of skills such as coding (NO idea), web design (no idea), don't even get me started with how hard Pinterest is to figure out. Ugh.

Ok so I am going to keep trucking along. Tomorrow is another day. I had 16 people look at my blog. I am very happy to say that I am mostly certain that I set up google analytics and that info is accurate. 16? Well it's something.

All in a day's work, right?





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