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Family road trip tips

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

My husband & I aren't like a lot of families who let their kids stay on devices all the time. My son enjoys watching youtube videos on fishing & he plays a little on some different video games. My daughter has just never really been into any of it, but she is more into texting with her friends & she likes to read the news on her phone. But overall, our kids don't spend a lot of time on devices, but on road trips, it would be a time to let them do this, right? But nope! We like to talk, play games, listen to music and actually look out at things. This weekend we went North to Crystal River/Three Sisters Springs. Being Memorial Day weekend, traffic up there on Friday was really bad. It was supposed to be a 3 1/2-4 hour trip & it took almost 7. UGH. But we had stops and we did get a speeding ticket (whoops).

Anyway, last year about this time we spent a weekend in Marco, which was amazing. I love the West Coast of Florida, and it is such a quick trip; about 1 & 1/2 hours from Parkland. On that trip, we started playing music, and each of us started picking songs to play. It was so fun, we went from 80's to 70's from Punk Rock to Heavy Rock & everything in between. So it became what we call 'Family Juke Box'. It's so fun! And it makes the trip go by fast, & makes you think of songs that you haven't thought about it a long time & you get to introduce your kids all kinds of different types of music.

Another thing my husband found is 'Roadside America'. We were driving through Central Florida and saw this automotive store inside of a huge pink dinosaur. Things like that are just fun! Weird, and you have to wonder why? Really, why? But fun. Near the home we rented, there was one of those places that sells just plain weird junk; statues, big signs, old beat up cars, a missile etc. You know the place? It's all outside, in front of like an old house, usually right on a small highway. So there was a old beat up 'statue' thing of a man, kind of like a seaman or fisherman, but both of his arms were gone, I guess they had fallen off. We passed by it every day coming to & from our house. And guess what? It was on Roadside America! Everything is on there! The pink dinosaur was on there. You can go to it and look along the route you are taking to see things along the way.

We also love playing 20 questions; just an oldy but goody.

On your next road trip, try some of these things. I know it is easy to have your kids stare at their devices, but it is such a great opportunity for good family time. You never know what you may see & the family jukebox brings up so many fun stories & memories.

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