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Yesterday, the movie

A world without The Beatles. Or Coke. Or Oasis (?) Or Harry Potter.

(if you haven't seen the movie yet, you probably don't want to read this)

I am no movie critic. I used to hate to go see movies actually. I really enjoy it now, on the right day at the right time. But it seems most movies are Marvel, Star Wars, Toy Story... and it is the sequel, or 3rd, or 4th... all of which I do love, but what a breath of fresh air this movie is! Who is this guy, Hemish Patel. He is just so endearing, so real. And Danny Boyle is again amazing.

I was never really a Beatles fan until my husband turned my daughter onto them, and now she loves their music. So I do listen to them more now than I ever have before. And I am pretty particular about covers of The Beatles. They are just one of those bands that it is kind of impossible to cover, in my opinion. There are a couple that I like, but for the most part, I think Beatles covers are pretty tragic. We did see a Beatles band last year in Breckenridge that were pretty awesome, dressing the part and putting on quite a show.

But this guy, in this really weird situation where no one, except two other people, remember The Beatles, among other things. Being a struggling singer/songwriter he does what a lot of people would do, he does his best to remember the music & lyrics to the songs, and plays them off as his own. It is also a love story, and a really sweet love story. His manager happens to love him, and although he tries to keep it professional & respectful, he loves her too. Flash forward to him becoming an overnight sensation (in a way) by way of Ed Sheeran and his amazing manager, played by Kate McKinnon, who helps his career start to skyrocket. She is hilarious. But it is becoming overwhelming for him, and he screams this feeling during "Help" on top of a hotel, which again is real & incredible. I've read that when The Beatles wrote Help, they were feeling overwhelmed and felt like they needed help, so moments like that which replicated how The Beatles were feeling too were really cool.

John Lennon being alive was a surreal scene. And even other small moments like him trying to play Let It Be for his Mom & Dad, and they keep interrupting him, or backstage rather than being over the moon proud, his Dad just wants to know if he can have some sandwiches. Their family dynamic was interesting. The relationship with his new 'roadie/manager' was also funny but sweet.

Toward the end of the movie, at a show in Wembley Stadium, he proclaims what he has done by not writing the songs, and also his love for Ellie. So sweet.

I can't stop listening to the soundtrack, I really love his voice and how he does all these Beatles songs.

Go see this movie!!

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